Edison, NJ Business Interruption Insurance Lawyer

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy; countless businesses, big and small, are facing massive layoffs, indeterminate closures, and revenue losses. Many owners throughout New Jersey say that insurance providers have issued blanket denials for their business interruption (BI) claims, blocking them from crucial resources needed to remain solvent.

At Douglas & London, our Edison business interruption insurance lawyers are committed to helping clients navigate these unprecedented times. Successfully steering your business through unmitigated disasters and customer loss is challenging under any circumstances. The insurance industry’s attempts to avoid paying out on COVID-19 business interruption claims have been met with both litigation and the possibility of new legislation.

Review your business interruption policy language

If you need assistance filing a claim, or have already been denied, speak to a business interruption insurance attorney at Douglas & London. Our skilled legal team will review the fine print of your policy to determine if you have a valid claim for benefits. 

Commercial property insurance policies may contain separate clauses and provisions that can prove helpful for seeking COVID-19 business losses. Your coverage could include operational disruptions caused by bacteria or disease, event cancellation, decontamination, and extra expense coverage.

Your insurance may contain coverage for Civil Authority that applies if your business was ordered to close by state or federal government. In the majority of business interruption policies, coverage is only activated if there is actual physical damage or loss to the property, but language can vary from one policy to the next.

The question if coronavirus contamination qualifies as physical damage is being hotly debated, and will ultimately be answered in court. Our attorneys are well-versed in existing case law for insurance disputes and can determine if you have a viable claim based on your policy language.

Keep track of your COVID 19 business losses

It is entirely possible that virus exclusions can be overcome in BI claims for coronavirus business losses, but it’s crucial to have your claim handled by an attorney who is experienced in this field. In the meantime, keep track of all your business interruption losses during the pandemic. Accurate bookkeeping and solid documentation are key for a successful recovery.

Maintain records for the following:

  • Income tax returns for the previous two years
  • Pre-pandemic financial records and bank statements
  • Receipts for all operational expenses, including payroll, utilities, rent, lease payments, mortgage, and loan payments
  • Paid invoices from contractors and other service providers
  • Receipts for any relocation costs

Free consult with Edison business interruption insurance lawyers

Do not take your agent’s word on how your policy language is interpreted. These lengthy contracts are best reviewed by a business interruption insurance lawyer at Douglas & London.

If you suffered business losses from mandatory shutdown orders, reach out for sound legal advice today. We can help you maximize your recovery, and there are no upfront fees since we work on a contingent basis.