Which Brands of Hair Straighteners Are Included in the Lawsuit?

Hair relaxers and straighteners have been on the market for many years. Dozens of different brands offer these products. Unfortunately, the manufacturers have downplayed or even hidden the presence of dangerous chemicals in their formulations. Now, long-time users of hair straightening products are pursuing legal action following cancer diagnoses related to the use of these products. Numerous companies are currently facing legal action, including large entities like L’Oreal and Revlon. These hair straightener uterine cancer lawsuits could result in fair compensation.

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Which hair straighteners are dangerous?

While each product configuration is different, the most dangerous hair straighteners include formaldehyde. It is a toxic chemical with a strong odor that can cause irritation, respiratory problems, headaches, and burns. It may be listed as formaldehyde, formalin, or methylene glycol on the label or not even mentioned. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and is also used in embalming fluid.

Why hasn’t the FDA acted?

Many people—especially those that have used hair relaxers for years—wondered why these dangerous chemicals have been included in these products. In addition, they are often surprised to learn that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not tasked with regulating these products. This lack of oversight has opened the floodgates to dangerous products on the open market.

Brands facing legal action

There are many types of hair straighteners in the marketplace. Unfortunately, many of those products have proven to be dangerous. Some of the brands that already face legal challenges include the following:

  • Advantage Products
  • Bionaza Dark & Lovely Silkening Relaxer by L’Oreal
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment by Marcia Teixeira
  • Cadiveu Brazilian Brand
  • Cantu Shea Butter No Lye Relaxer Kit Regular
  • Dark & Lovely by L’Oreal
  • Diora Professional
  • Envy Professional
  • Peter Coppola® α-Keratin Repair System™
  • Goleshlee Professional Keratin Hair Therapy
  • GK Hair Treatment System/ Hair Taming
  • Global Keratin Hair a/k/a GK Hair Silkening Technologies
  • iKeratin (Innosys) Brazilian Keratin Advanced Keratin Treatment (YSB Beauty)    
  • I Straight and Korean RG’3 Magic Straightening Systems, Japanese Magic Hair Straightening Systems
  • Just For Me No Lye Relaxing Crème Relaxant
  • KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System
  • Keratin Complex
  • Keratin Express
  • La Brasiliana
  • Mar5cia Teixeira
  • Olive Oil Girls by Namaste Laboratories
  • Olive Oil Girls Root Stimulator by Revlon
  • Olive Oil Relaxer
  • Optimum (L’Oreal)
  • Simply Smooth / American Culture Hair
  • Soft & Beautiful and Motions
  • Soft Sheen
  • Spazzola Progressiva Keratin Treatment
  • TCB Naturals
  • Van Tibolli

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