New York City Heavy Equipment Accident Lawyer

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the top four causes of construction accident injuries are falls, collisions with objects or machinery, crushed by moving machinery parts, and electrocutions. Heavy equipment is often a contributing or primary factor in all four of these categories of construction accidents. 

Our New York City heavy equipment accident lawyers at Douglas & London help victims recover damages for injuries they sustain on the job. Through two decades of representing injured parties in lawsuits, we have developed an in-depth understanding of all types of heavy equipment used at construction sites and the dynamics that lead to accidents. Our dedicated attorneys have secured over $10 million for workers injured on construction sites. Call today to schedule a free review of your case. 

Seeking Skilled and Experienced Legal Representation 

New York heavy construction equipment accidents have serious consequences. The brute force common to construction machinery can cause catastrophic injuries, often leaving victims with permanent disabilities. It is wise to procure the best possible emergency medical treatment to facilitate recovery. 

When your injuries are stabilized, your next order of business is to hire a personal injury attorney who will promptly investigate your accident and take measures to preserve critical evidence. They will also coordinate efforts to recover fair and reasonable compensation from workers’ compensation, other liability insurance policies, and third parties that may have caused your accident. 

Types of Heavy Equipment Construction Accidents that We Handle 

The personal injury lawyers at our firm are experienced in multiple types of heavy equipment accidents: 

  • Impact accidents where a person near a construction site is struck by moving heavy equipment. 
  • Rollovers that are caused when heavy machinery is poorly-stabilized. 
  • Collapsing cranes and other high-lift equipment. 
  • Electrocutions resulting from contact between heavy equipment and power lines. 
  • Fires from flammable substances that leak out of heavy equipment. 
  • Pinching or entrapment in conveyors, boom arms, and other heavy equipment components. 
  • Falls from elevated surfaces on heavy equipment. 

As construction equipment becomes more specialized and technology-driven, these accidents will continue to increase if contractors in Manhattan and elsewhere fail to stay current on their safe operation and maintenance. Our attorneys work tirelessly to familiarize themselves with modern heavy equipment practices and procedures to provide our injured clients with the best and most effective legal representation. 

Determining Liability in Heavy Equipment Accidents 

Your attorney will prioritize analyzing the facts and identifying all potentially liable parties. Under New York’s comparative negligence laws, they will be responsible for compensating the victim in proportion to their relative contribution to the cause of the accident. 

Among other parties that a New York construction accident lawyer will investigate, the most likely that could prove liable include: 

  • Contractors who use heavy equipment at construction sites, particularly if the facts show that they failed to train operators properly, failed to maintain equipment, or ignored safety procedures and warnings. 
  • Manufacturers of defective heavy equipment. 
  • Equipment installers or leasing companies that alter or disconnect safety systems from heavy equipment. 
  • Project managers that enforce unrealistic schedules, which might require unsafe operation of heavy equipment 
  • Architects and engineers who fail to design construction sites with safe pathways that separate workers and heavy equipment. 

Damages in a New York Heavy Equipment Accident Lawsuit 

Heavy construction equipment accident victims are entitled to recover damages to reimburse their medical costs and replace lost wages that they cannot earn while recovering from injuries. They can also get damages for non-economic injuries, such as pain and suffering.  

An experienced heavy equipment accident lawyer will assess the available damages based on the specific facts of each case and aggressively pursue compensation. For example, we have recovered millions of dollars for construction workers who sustained bone fractures, lost vision, and other serious injuries due to construction site negligence. 

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Heavy equipment accident lawsuits require the skills and experience of lawyers who comprehend the challenges of construction site injuries. Our record of construction accident lawsuit verdicts demonstrates that we are prepared to leverage our extensive resources and experience on your behalf. 

Please call our offices for a no-fee, no-obligation evaluation of your case. We are proud of our record of success in heavy equipment accident lawsuits and believe our efforts to hold negligent parties accountable will make heavy equipment operations safer for everyone at or near construction sites. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not pay attorney’s fees unless we win compensation for your injuries.