Chinatown Personal Injury Lawyers

Injuries are life-changing events. When they result from the carelessness or the maliciousness of others, you are entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking financial compensation for your losses. Whether you are sure what happened was not your fault or you still have some gaps in your understanding, Douglas and London Chinatown personal injury lawyers can provide you with the assistance you require to file a valid claim. We stand by the side of our clients, working on a contingency basis, and only taking a portion of the recovery if we have successfully secured one. Get the personal attention and fierce advocacy you deserve with one of our talented legal professionals.

What to Do After A Sudden Accident

Whether you plan to contact a personal injury lawyer or not, seeking immediate medical care is a wise decision. Some personal injuries leave you no choice, while others may be more ambiguous. You may just feel a little sore after a minor fender-bender or fall, but more extensive damage can be present below the surface.

Later, should you wish to file a lawsuit, the fact that you sought medical attention and followed the doctor’s orders will be valuable evidence substantiating your injuries. Be sure to take photographs of any visible cuts, bruises, burns, or lacerations, as well as the scene of the accident.

Where to Find Medical Treatment After An Accident

Should you need assistance in finding a qualified medical expert who specializes in the treatment of your particular injuries, Douglas and London associates are always happy to provide a referral. Through nearly two decades of local experience, we have gotten to know area medical providers and experts very well. 

How To Get Money To Pay Medical Bills

How to pay for escalating medical costs while unable to work will be one of your first concerns during recovery.

When working with a lawyer, payment for treatment can often be deferred until your case is settled.

Insurance seems the most logical choice to cover your costs. As an accident victim, you have a number of rights which could be lost or infringed upon if you do not have the legal advocacy of an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance law is complex, with numerous opportunities for insurers to minimize or deny benefits. Insurance adjusters may act sympathetic to your case, but never forget that their job is to settle claims as quickly and inexpensively as possible for the companies that pay them.

At Douglas and London, we look at long-term future suffering, as well as present-day expenses, to ensure you are paid a fair amount that assures your recovery for years to come.

Find Experienced Chinatown Personal Injury Lawyers

Douglas and London Chinatown personal injury lawyers serve the roughly 100,000 residents of this Lower Manhattan neighborhood with experience and expertise. Since 2002, we have developed a reputation as one of the “Top 5 Mass Tort Firms,” excelling in consumer product liability, defective drug, and defective device cases affecting thousands of people across the country. Our compassionate staff is also trained in highly sensitive matters such as child sex abuse cases and human sex trafficking rings. As a successful personal injury firm, we are able to offer you a free consultation and legal service with no upfront fees. You only pay us back for legal services IF and WHEN you win.