Chinatown Car Accident Lawyer

Chinatown is notorious for bumper to bumper traffic, particularly around rush hour. Congested streets, impatient drivers, and jaywalking pedestrians mean that accidents are all but inevitable. No matter where your accident occurred, you shouldn’t have to pay the price for another’s mistakes.  When inattention or negligence causes a motor vehicle accident, victims have the right to seek fair money damages for their property damage, medical costs, and other losses. For expert help getting the justice you deserve, work with a Chinatown car accident attorney at Douglas and London.

Trust in our expertise and track record to resolve your car accident case efficiently and for top dollar. Our attorneys have recovered $4 billion for their personal injury clients.

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No risk to hire a car accident lawyer

After any kind of auto accident – big or small – money is always a concern. This financial strain is magnified in accidents resulting in severe personal injury. Douglas and London understands your position and we are able to offer our client-focused services on a contingency basis. We believe that everyone deserves a staunch legal advocate, and we have the resources to advance all expenses associated with preparing a solid injury claim. This includes investigations, retaining expert witnesses, and other necessary litigation costs. In this way, our clients are relieved of all legal paperwork, the stress of dealing with insurance representatives, and their pressing financial anxieties. Focus on getting better while we go to work fighting for your rights.

You pay nothing unless you win a settlement, or the jury awards a verdict. Take advantage of having top-tier legal representation from a car accident lawyer with no upfront fees and see how Douglas and London can maximize your recovery.

Choosing your Chinatown car accident attorney

There are dozens of qualified personal injury attorneys serving Chinatown, so how do you select the right counsel for your case? Take the time to meet each lawyer in person. Most established law firms, like Douglas and London, offer free consultations to prospective clients.

During this one-on-one meeting, ask as many questions as possible and take stock of your gut feeling. Do you feel comfortable speaking to this person? What are their qualifications and experience?  Do you feel like they have your best interest at heart, or just want to settle the case as quickly as possible?

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A good car accident attorney will not make promises they can’t keep. They won’t brag about the settlement money they can secure during the first meeting. And they won’t pressure you to make any quick decisions.

Look for the following traits:

  • Experience and agility – You want a skilled legal representative who has a proven track record winning motor vehicle accident claims – someone who is adept at negotiating and trial.
  • Communication – You want an attorney who makes themselves available to your needs and responds promptly to emails and phone calls.  
  • Rapport – Are you comfortable speaking with this person about sensitive details of your case? Do they seem genuinely interested in your story? It’s imperative to have a strong connection and level of trust in your legal representative.

At Douglas and London, our team of skilled car accident lawyers is proud to offer compassionate, personalized service throughout every facet of your car accident claim. Call today to schedule a complimentary case review.