Castle Hill Personal Injury Lawyers

Castle Hill is a densely populated South Bronx neighborhood— this might contribute to a high volume of accidents causing serious injuries to its residents. A personal injury lawyer at Douglas and London in Manhattan is ready to represent Castle Hill residents in these lawsuits against negligent parties. We exercise the highest degree of care in representing all of our clients. We work tirelessly on their behalf to even the odds against insurance companies that refuse to compensate our clients for the full scope of their pain and suffering.

Injured clients can rely on our knowledge, experience, and success

We formed our firm in 2002 to help accident victims with a degree of care and compassion that they will not find elsewhere. Since then, our team has represented hundreds of accident victims and recovered millions of dollars from the parties that injured them as well as the insurance companies that represent them. If you’ve suffered injuries as a result of another person’s negligence, you can be sure that we will apply the same dedication and respect to your case as we do for all of our clients.

You pay nothing for an initial consultation or our legal services

You can consult with a Castle Hill personal injury attorney from our firm at no cost to you. If you hire Douglas and London to represent you in a lawsuit, we will earn our fees out of the damages that we recover for you. We will remain vested in your case until we are confident that you are offered the largest damages award that may be available. We will also commit to take your case to trial if the negligent parties refuse to resolve your case for the highest settlement amount during pre-trial negotiations.

Call us when it is convenient for you to call

We appreciate that your busy schedule might keep you from calling us during regular business hours. Our Castle Hills personal injury lawyers are available throughout the day, into the evening and early morning, and over the weekends to take your call and to consult with you about your injuries.   

We dedicate our full attention and resources to every client that we represent

When you retain us, and we agree to represent you, your lawsuit will be more than just another file. Your case will have the full respect and attention of our team. We will treat you and your family with dignity and protect your interests against the efforts of negligent parties who try to shortchange your damages.

Castle Hill Personal Injury Lawyers

Regardless of whether your accident happened in Castle Hill or anywhere else in Manhattan, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Queens, our personal injury attorneys stand ready and willing to fight for the largest damages award that may be available in your case.  Please see our website or call us to consult with an attorney about filing a lawsuit over your injuries.