What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Obviously, the first step, after a collision, is to check yourself and your passengers for signs of injury. After that, you should call law enforcement officers and, if necessary, emergency medical personnel.

You should avoid discussing the accident with any other parties who were involved. Write down any details, contact your insurance agency, and make an appointment to talk to our New York City car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

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The first few minutes are crucial

The steps you take immediately after a car crash will determine how the aftereffects play out. Here’s what you absolutely must do:

  1. Check yourself out: How do you feel? Are you bleeding? Do you have any bruises? Is there any pain? Are you able to think clearly? Are you able to move about as normal? Do the same for your passengers, if any.
  2. Determine if your car is safe to move: if so, then you should get it out of the road as soon as possible. Use flares, hazard cones, or hazard tape to mark the area around your vehicle. If you’re unable to exit your auto, then call emergency responders immediately.
  3. Apply first aid measures if necessary: Every vehicle should contain a well-stocked first aid kit for this purpose.
  4. Flag down a motorist to help (if a phone is unavailable): You can also go to a nearby home or business for help. Remember not to overtax yourself.
  5. Check the other parties: If someone else was involved in the wreck, then you should check on them and offer to help if possible. But avoid discussing the wreck with them, as anything you say might be used against you later. Above all, never, ever admit blame.
  6. Record as many details as possible: Such as the time and place of the accident, the names of other parties involved, contact information for witnesses, and the condition of the vehicles. Take pictures or make videos if you can.
  7. Avoid confrontations: It’s normal for people involved in an accident to be highly adrenalized or even in a state of shock. Keep a grip on your temper, even if the other party is hostile or demanding.
  8. Cooperate with law enforcement: The police are trained in first aid and accident investigation. Follow their directions at all times. Give them whatever information they ask for, as this will help them to file an accurate report.
  9. If in doubt, seek medical help: Not all injuries are apparent immediately after an accident. You should get to a clinic or emergency room right away unless you’re sure you’re okay.

Talking to a New York car accident lawyer

Once you’ve taken the above steps, the next thing to do is to talk with a qualified personal injury attorney. Here’s why:

  • Insurance companies work for themselves, not for you: This means that their interest and yours are not always the same. In fact, they may care more about protecting their bottom line than about paying you the compensation you deserve.
  • Attorneys understand complex topics like damages and liability: Rarely is a legal matter as cut and dry as it may first appear. It takes a skilled legal professional to see where the blame lies and where opportunities for receiving compensation exist.
  • Talking to a lawyer can help you to enjoy peace of mind: Knowing where you stand after an accident can help you to relax and focus on your recuperation. There’s nothing better than the sense of empowerment that comes with doing something positive for your well-being.

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Auto accidents can strike anytime. Knowing what to do when the unexpected occurs can help you to put the past behind you, so you can look forward to a brighter future. Get in touch with Douglas and London– if we can help you in any way. Our New York City personal injury lawyers have secured millions for our injured clients. Consultations are always free, and we’re available 24/7.