What Happens if I Lose My Job Due to a Car Accident?

The injuries that you suffer in a car accident can prevent you from performing the regular duties of your job. Your employer probably will not pay you if you are not working, and in most cases, you could lose your job altogether if you need any amount of time to recuperate.

If you have lost your job after a car accident, call Douglas and London to speak with a team of New York City car accident lawyers who can help you recover damages for your lost wages and the job opportunities that you forfeited because you are unable to work. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to demonstrate how car crash injuries are the direct and proximate cause of your job loss.

Car Crash Damages Include More than Just Your Medical Expenses

The damages that you might be entitled to recover after you suffer losses and injuries in an accident with a negligent driver include:

  • your actual and anticipated future medical expenses;
  • reimbursement for occupational and physical therapy;
  • the value of your pain and suffering;
  • loss of companionship with your loved ones; and
  • lost wages and reduced job opportunities.

The key to recovering these damages is to prove the connection between your injuries and the financial burden they have imposed on you.

Proving that Your Injuries and Medical Condition Kept You from Working

Your personal injury attorney will utilize different documents and materials to show that your injuries caused you to lose your job– including your medical records, a doctor’s report describing how those injuries and disabilities keep you from performing your duties, a notice of discharge from your former employer, and finally your wage and salary records.

The negligent party who caused your accident and their insurers can challenge your claim, for example, by arguing that you would likely have been terminated for other reasons. If a job loss is part of your damages claim in a car crash case, you need an accident and injury lawyer that has the expertise to show the connection.

Your Obligation to Find Work That You Can Do

If your injuries result in your total and permanent disability, you will have no further obligation to secure alternative employment. However, if you are only partially or temporarily disabled, in almost every case, you will have an affirmative duty to seek a job that you can perform within your limitations.

You can still collect damages for the wages and earnings that you lost while you were unemployed as a result of your injuries. Your lawyer will calculate the damages that you are entitled to receive within the specific circumstances of your case.

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New York No-Fault Insurance, Damages for Lost Wages, and Disability Benefits

Under New York State’s no-fault insurance laws, you are entitled to receive lost wages reimbursements for 80% of your salary up to a maximum of $2,000 per month. You must submit your claim for these benefits within thirty days after a doctor certifies that your injuries are preventing you from working, and these benefits expire after three years.

If your damages exceed the maximum benefits that you might receive under the State’s insurance laws, you might have an opportunity to sue the negligent party who caused your accident.  You might also be entitled to disability benefits under New York and federal law. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer will analyze and pursue these and other sources to help you recover the largest available damages award.

Call Douglas and London For Help to Recover Damages When a Car Accident Causes You to Lose Your Job

The New York City personal injury lawyers of Douglas and London in Manhattan represent injured parties in lawsuits to recover damages for the wages and job losses after car crashes with negligent parties. Please see our website or call us directly to speak with one of our lawyers about your New York auto accident and your opportunity to recover the full amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.   


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