Business Interruption Insurance Denial Claims

We buy and maintain insurance to protect us from unexpected. It’s safe to say that most of us never expected the Covid-19 situation. We live in a “new normal” where business all across America have been forced to shut down.  As a result, businesses are struggling to make ends meet and many are turning to their insurance companies to cushion the financial blow.

For years, these businesses have paid their insurance companies with the expectation that their insurance claims would cover them in disastrous times like these – when the unexpected and unwanted happened. Insurance companies are now denying these very legitimate business claims, and businesses have been left damaged.  

After the SARS outbreak, many new insurance policies made sure to include a vague “virus” exclusion as a reason for them not to cover businesses who have been paying insurance for years for unexpected and unwanted situations just like this. In most cases, insurance companies did not offer policies without this policy or the ability to buy into “virus” coverage.

Right now, the only option many businesses have is to join the thousands of other business owners taking legal action against their insurance carriers.

How to File a Claim for Business Interruption Losses

Although some states such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have proposed legislation, those are not guaranteed to pass. Other states have already denied proposed legislation which takes the financial burden of this pandemic away from big insurance companies and onto the shoulders of business owners in their jurisdiction.

Although the main office of Douglas & London is located in New York, we will fight for you no matter where you are in America. We’ve had our fair share of helping people and businesses through catastrophes before.

We proudly represented first responders and local New Yorkers who have suffered through long-term health issues as a result of 9/11. We have represented residential consumers who were injured during Hurricane Sandy and those all across America who have been poisoned by large corporations dumping chemicals into the local rivers and water systems.

Many people’s favorite restaurants, bars, gyms, clothing stores, shopping centers, and more have had to shut down their American Dream due to insurance companies not honoring their responsibilities to their customers. Right now, we are currently fighting tooth and nail on behalf of our neighbors in New York City – the epicenter of the outbreak – who have been forced to shut down their businesses, and will do the same for you no matter where you are in this country.

You also pay nothing upfront. Douglas & London will represent those looking to file a COVID-19 Business Interruption claim based on contingency which means we don’t get paid unless we help you recover money for your claim. Call us now at (212) 566-7500 for a free consultation.