Bedford-Stuyvesant Personal Injury Lawyers

Bedford-Stuyvesant personal injury lawyers of Douglas and Londonhandle serious or catastrophic injury claims which permanently alter a person’s ability to function and live a normal life. The most common catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, dismemberment, severe burns, internal organ perforations, broken bones, or crushing injuries. Victims may suffer from paralysis, decreased cognitive functioning, chronic pain, limited mobility, scarring, or other physical impairments. Serious physical damage may make it impossible for a person to work, require intensive life-long care, or result in bankruptcy-level financial problems. When you are hurt so badly, you need a personal injury lawyer who will fight for maximum compensation.  

Common Causes of Personal Injury in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Our firm has handled catastrophic injury claims caused by a wide range of accidents, including:

  • Car, truck, van, and SUV accidents
  • Bus, train, and public transportation accidents
  • Cyclist or pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace or construction site accidents
  • Environmental toxin exposure
  • Victimization, human trafficking, and child sexual abuse
  • Consumer fraud, product liability, and mass tort
  • Defective drugs, defective medical devices, or medical malpractice

Steps To Take After A Personal Injury in NYC

One of the first calls you make should always be to experienced Bedford-Stuyvesant personal injury lawyers. We not only inform you of your legal rights and help you file a timely claim for compensation, but we can also refer you to the area’s best medical providers and mental health counselors while aiding local law enforcement in the initial investigation. We make sure all the necessary photos, documentation, and interviews are captured, and that all evidence is secured, rather than hastily destroyed. Our team of lawyers, paralegals, clerks, and experts provide crucial support in the earliest days of your recovery. We will take a broad look at all the parties involved and determine who contributed to the root cause of the accident and develop a winning strategy. 

Personal Injury Lawsuit Compensation

The compensation in personal injury cases is often referred to as “damages.” The damages available will depend upon your exact circumstances and losses, but generally, include:

  • Compensatory Damages – Medical expenses, lost wages, property losses, future damages
  • General Non-Compensatory Damages – Physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, shock, humiliation, shortened lifespan, disruption of daily routine, loss of hobbies or enjoyment in life
  • Loss of Consortium – Money paid to a spouse due to loss of love, care, services, cohabitation, and companionship during the recovery period or permanently
  • Wrongful Death – Money paid to surviving spouses or dependents to cover funeral and burial expenses, as well as the loss of companionship/guidance/financial support
  • Punitive Damages – An exorbitant penalty meant to punish defendants in cases of severe negligence, recklessness, or willful malice.

Serving Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy Community With Expert Legal Representation & No Fee Guarantee Douglas and London proudly serve all of Brooklyn, including Bedford-Stuyvesant, and zip codes 11205, 11206, 11216, 11221, 11233, and 11238. We are advocates for residents living in Bedford, Stuyvesant Heights, Ocean Hill, Weeksville, and Crown Heights neighborhoods. Whether you were hurt in a car crash between Bedford and Brooklyn Avenues, slipped and fell in a Fulton Street shop, or suffered an adverse event at one of NYC Health + Hospitals Corp’s 11 area hospitals, a personal injury attorney from Douglas and London is here to investigate your claim. Best of all, you don’t pay us unless we win.