Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Lead Wires

Medical device manufacturer Medtronic first introduced Sprint Fidelis lead wires in 2004 to deliver heart-regulating electrical jolts from small defibrillators implanted in patients with faltering heartbeats.

Sadly, these specialized wires were defective in some implants and have been linked to several deaths. Medtronic stopped selling the defibrillator with Sprint Fidelis the lead wires in 2007 after the mechanisms were acknowledged as a likely contributing factor in these preventable deaths.

While the company has admitted to resolving claims that wires connecting its implantable Sprint Fidelis defibrillators to patients’ hearts were faulty, there are an estimated 170,000 people worldwide still living with Medtronic implants fashioned these wire leads.

Medtronic has already settled lawsuits over a previous line of defibrillators. This is yet another case of carelessness in medical device manufacturing. If you or someone you know has been a victim of the adverse effects of a Medtronic Sprint Fidelis lead wire, call us today to discuss what legal steps make be the best for you.