Child Victims Act Lawyer

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Douglas & London is currently investigating claims by survivors of childhood sexual abuse under New York’s Child Victims Act. Many of the lawsuits allege abuse at the hands of Clergy members, but defendants also include trusted teachers, coaches, doctors, among others. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse that you endured as a minor, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Were You Sexually Abuse By Someone You Trusted As A Child?

  • Nearly 4,000 New Yorkers have come forward already.
  • It costs nothing to confide in a Child Victims Act attorney.
  • You may be entitled to SUBSTANTIAL compensation.

What is a Child Victims Act Lawsuit?

Passed on August 14, 2019, the Child Victims Act allowed an expanded statute of limitations for victims to pursue child molestation claims in court, no matter how much time had passed since the alleged incidents. A lookback window allows anyone to come forward until August 14, 2021. Unless that window is extended, survivors will have until age 55 to pursue their civil claims to compensation.  

What Can a Child Victims Act Attorney Do?

Here at Douglas & London, we:

  • Investigate – subpoena documents, take depositions, conduct background checks
  • Collaborate – work with experts to determine the extent of damages
  • Negotiate – attempt to reach a just settlement
  • Litigate – draft and file complaint, conduct discovery, and prepare for trial

For many survivors, demanding accountability is the first significant step toward healing.

How Much Are Child Victims Act Settlements Worth?

There are wide discrepancies regarding the value of these cases, with compensation awards ranging from $25,000 to $500,000. However, a particularly strong case can fetch over a million dollars, which is why your choice of legal counsel is so important.

In addition to recovering financial compensation on your behalf, Child Victims Act lawyers can also push for the release of documents to determine how widespread the abuse was and how the abuse was allowed to happen in the first place. Only through court-ordered accountability can we prevent future harm to New York’s most innocent citizens.

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    Please note: our childhood sexual abuse cases are limited in scope to claims against the Clergy, public institutions, and private organizations, including schools, camps, medical providers, and the like. We are not currently taking family abuse cases.