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Were You, Your Son, or Daughter One of the Millions Exposed to DES? 

From 1938 to 1971, approximately five to 10 million pregnant women and their babies were exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES). DES is a synthetic estrogen that was prescribed by doctors to prevent miscarriage, premature birth, and other pregnancy issues.

In 1971, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advised doctors to stop prescribing the drug to pregnant women. Research found it did not prevent pregnancy problems and could cause serious health concerns, including vaginal cancer in women whose mothers had taken DES during pregnancy. 

If you or your children were exposed to DES, we can help.*

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What are some of the known side effects of DES drugs? 

DES Can Have Serious Repercussions on Your Health 

Women who took DES, or DES mothers, have an increased risk of breast cancer, while the daughters of women who took DES, known as DES daughters, have an increased risk of: 

  • A vaginal and cervical cancer called clear cell adenocarcinoma 
  • Reproductive organ abnormalities such as a T-shaped uterus 
  • Complications during pregnancy, including ectopic pregnancy and preterm delivery 
  • Miscarriage 
  • Preeclampsia 
  • Total infertility 

Even DES sons, or men who were exposed to DES while in the womb, have an increased risk of non-cancerous growths affecting the testicles

Our firm has been successful in recovering compensation for victims in these types of cases...

What are some types of DES drugs? 

There Are Various Types  Produced by Different Manufacturers

The list of DES-type drugs released by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1976 and currently published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) site includes

  • Benzestrol
  • Chlorotrianisene
  • Comestrol
  • Cyren A
  • Cyren B
  • Delvinal
  • DES
  • DesPlex
  • Dibestil
  • Diestryl
  • Dienestrol
  • Dienoestrol
  • Diethylsteilbestrol dipalmitate
  • Diethylstilbestrol diphosphate
  • Diethylstilbestrol dipropionate
  • Diethylstilbenediol
  • Digestil
  • Domestrol
  • Estilben
  • Estrobene
  • Estrobene DP
  • Estrosyn
  • Fonatol
  • Gynben
  • Gyneben
  • Hexestrol
  • Hexoestrol
  • Hi-Bestrol
  • Menocrin
  • Meprane
  • Mestilbol
  • Microest
  • Methallenestrol
  • Mikarol
  • Mikarol forti
  • Milestrol
  • Monomestrol
  • Neo-Oestranol I
  • Neo-Oestranol II
  • Nulabort
  • Oestrogenine
  • Oestromenin
  • Oestromon
  • Orestol
  • Pabestrol D
  • Palestrol
  • Restrol
  • Stil-Rol
  • Stilbal
  • Stilbestrol
  • Stilbestronate
  • Stilbetin
  • Stilbinol
  • Stilboestroform
  • Silboestrol
  • Stilboestrol DP
  • Stilestrate
  • Stilpalmitate
  • Stilphostrol
  • Stilronate
  • Stilrone
  • Stils
  • Synestrin
  • Synestrol
  • Synthosestrin
  • Tace
  • Vallestril
  • Willestrol
  • Amperone
  • Di-Erone
  • Estan
  • Metystil
  • Teserene
  • Tylandril
  • Tylostereone
  • Progravidium
  • VC Cream w/ Dienestrol
  • Dienestrol Cream

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