Our lawyers in New York have built its practice on collaboration and referral arrangements with other law firms in New York, and around the United States.  In fact, establishing, nurturing and maintaining co-counsel relationships is one of our firm’s top priorities.  Since the beginning of our practice, we have paid significant co-counsel fees to other attorneys and firms, helping them generate revenue streams from cases beyond their traditional areas of practice.  We added money to their bottom line. Let’s do the same for you.

  • In-house Medical Staff
  • Nationwide Representation

National Leaders in Pharmaceutical Mass Torts

Mass Tort litigation is a complex area of law, and can be a cost prohibitive venture for many firms.  Co-counseling your next drug or medical device injury case with Douglas & London will enable you to overcome some of those hurdles, and generate revenues from cases you may otherwise have turned away.

We believe our knowledge, expertise and internal resources offer our business partners and their clients an advantage that is unmatched.  If you would like to explore co-counseling with our firm, please e-mail, or call 1-800-963-4444.

Why Douglas & London

  • Secured more than $875 million dollars in compensation for injured victim and their families.
  • Court-appointed by federal and state courts to serve on plaintiff steering committees in more than 13 different national mass tort and class-action litigations
  • First verdict in the history of the State of New York against the tobacco industry
  • First victory in the nation against the automobile industry for a defective airbag that killed a young child.
  • Nationwide Representation
  • Award –Winning Firm and Lawyers

Verdicts, Settlements and Judgments

$690,000,000      $58,000,000
$20,350,000        $20,000,000
$14,900,000        $11,300,000
$8,500,000           $8,180,000
$8,000,000           $7,200,000
$6,240,000           $6,000,000
$5,000,000           $4,800,000

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Firm Recognitions

Douglas and London Awards