Dealing with a Bully…It’s No Longer Limited to the Playground

Good Habits in Digital Communication

It isn’t hard to see how technology has changed our lives.  With the explosion of Smartphones, Text Messaging, Facebook, MySpace, etc., face-to-face communication has taken a backseat to faceless communication.  Although there are some positive aspects to this advanced technology, there are growing dangers too.  Cyber-bullying, the practice sending or posting harmful images or text via the Internet or other digital communication tool, is a problem in most communities.  Here are some tips to avoiding Cyber-bullying.

  • Warn children and young adults of the danger of passing along harmful or cruel messages and images.
  • Delete suspicious email messages without opening them.
  • Encourage others to step up to friends who are cyber-bullying, and tell them to stop.
  • Teach children how to use technology to block communication from cyber-bullies.
  • Educate children and young adults on the importance of telling a parent or adult about any cyber-bullying they witness.
  • Supervise your child’s time online at home.  One good idea is to put the computer in a common area, such as the kitchen.
  • Learn good practices in smart Web behavior, such as never revealing passwords or real last names.

Digital communications will only become a bigger force in our world.  Doing what you can to eliminate the dangers of cyber-bullying now, will hopefully pay dividends in the future.