Zocor (simvastatin) is a prescription medication in the statin class of drugs. These popular pills are prescribed to help lower potentially critical cholesterol levels by inhibiting cholesterol production in the liver.

Produced by Merck, Zocor is now under scrutiny for causing serious side effects when taken in certain previously approved and promoted dosages. In particular, some patients who have been prescribed 80mg of the drug have alleged that Zocor use has increased their chance of forming rhabdomyolysis, a severe muscle disease that can lead to kidney damage and failure. Preliminary studies have shown an increased risk for this grave muscle condition in those taking 80mg over those prescribed just 20mg.

Previous Zocor lawsuits involving side effects from other cholesterol medications, such as Baycol, have alerted the pharmaceutical industry to new risks associated with this class of drugs. However, doctors, many of whom continued to prescribe Zocor at high dosages even after Merck changed the drug label, may not have been adequately warned about Zocor’s potential dosage dangers.

Merck is in the business of making drugs. This pharmaceutical giant has a duty to properly test, accurately market, and safely modify drug contents and dosage recommendations for the protection of all consumers. If you were prescribed 80mg of Zocor and have developed rhabdomyolysis or suspect kidney damage, you may have a case. Call our Zocor lawyer team to see how you can take the next steps toward protecting your rights and seeking financial compensation for your suffering.