Although once touted as the “miracle mineral,” and widely used in many building materials as early as the 1920s, asbestos has proven to be an extremely hazardous material and has been banned from use since the 1970s. Prolonged exposure to this mineral can result in asbestosis, esophageal cancer, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Sadly, hard-working laborers who have helped erect the buildings, manufacturing plants and commercial businesses that drive today’s economy are the ones who may have unknowingly put their lives at risk and are now threatened by the serious consequences of prolonged asbestos exposure. Workers commonly exposed to asbestos include:

  • shipyard workers
  • plumbers
  • steamfitters/pipefitters
  • powerhouse workers
  • construction workers
  • heavy equipment operators
  • electricians

The key to asbestos exposure is it comes with a latency period of as long as 30 years or more from its initial ingestion and can affect anyone who comes in contact with it, whether through occupational or secondary/household exposure. Often workers exposed to asbestos decades ago are just beginning to experience long-term side effects.

If you or someone know has been a laborer and has developed a cancer of unknown origin or a life-threatening condition with a surprising diagnosis, it could be related to asbestos exposure. Call now to speak to our knowledgeable staff for a free case evaluation.

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